Radio Row

Our Radio Row services secure national, syndicated and local radio stations to provide unique and exclusive coverage LIVE from the event. We lead with the embedding and integration of content; both on-air and via social media throughout the days immediately leading up to the event. This content strategy lives outside of the typical :30 commercial pod and becomes part of the overall station programming. These tactics assure we get the word out in the voice of the various radio station and talent partners. This helps drive impulse purchases, adds immediacy, raises the profile of the event and drives viewers to take action. We reinforce, remind and educate consumers who may or may not be exposed via other media and PR. It has proven to drive ticket sales, ratings and PPV buys. Radio Row strategies include:

      • Live Reads
      • DJ Chatter
      • Guest Interviews
      • On-air programming cut-ins
      • Social Media updates from the stations and/or DJs


Mayweather Promotions & Showtime


August 26, 2017